Offering a curated collection of unique items for individuals that want to stand out from the crowd. From new to vintage to handcrafted you are sure to find what you've been searching for.

Information You Need

In today’s online shopping market, we believe transparency should be the highest regarded customer value. That’s why we’ve clearly outlined all of our store policies below. Feel free to reach out with questions.


Everything You Need to Know

Refunds will be issued for any returns within 14 days of purchase in the same manner as original payment.
Any returns within 14-30 days of purchase will be issued a store credit in the same amount as original purchase.
NO returns accepted after 30 days of purchase. Purchaser will be responsible for all return shipping fees unless previously agreed upon.


How We Do It

Each product will clearly state whether shipping is available. If shipping is available we will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Unless stated otherwise, purchaser will be responsible for all shipping fees.


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